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AVINEST is a comprehensive range of fully automated nests. We are unique in the United Kingdom, in so much as we are the only manufacturers of this type equipment in this country. This has obvious benefits for both the installation and back-up of the nests. Specification levels are very high for all the nests in the AVINEST range, including:

• Variable speed controls for all egg collection belts

• Separate motors and controls for each belt allowing individual use

• Perforated Astroturf nest pads to allow all the dust and muck to fall away – to ensure cleaner eggs

• Nest floors which raise up at night to close the nests, keeping the hens out of the nest in order to keep the nest pads cleaner

• Individual lifting mechanism for each nest floor set, to maximise reliability.

• Interior lights in every nest and on each level, with a time clock and dimmer control, to help attract the hens into the nest.

• The entire nest is a very substantial construction and made to last.

• The design makes all our nests very easy to clean and keep possible insect hiding places to a minimum.

AVINEST is a strong and simple nesting systems which is designed for longer life with years of trouble free use.

The standard single tier system boasts a variable speed egg belt operated by a foot switch for complete control of egg collection.
To minimise potential damage to eggs, there is an infra-red light switch which will stop the belt automatically when the eggs reach the end of the belt.

Bird exclusion is achieved using automatic lifting nest floors, controlled by time clock with a manual override facility. An extremely strong steel rack and pinion system is used to ensure complete reliability.

Automatic lighting within the nests with dimmer control is standard on all nests.

The nest floor material, normally perforated AstroTurf, is removable to permit easy end of flock cleaning. The AstroTurf is placed on a wire mesh floor, which means that all the muck and dust can fall through, resulting in cleaner eggs.

The egg collection system used on our two-tier nest is simple, effective and unique. Curved mini conveyors bring the eggs to one level providing a seamless and smooth transfer. A variety of customised collection systems are available for both our own and other nest makes.

A choice of front or rear rollaway nests are available, with both of these also available in two-tier format. A number of specialised nests are available for unusual
poultry house sizes, with the high capacity single tier, and the half two-tier wall stack formats being very popular.

The AVINEST range comprises of fairly well every nest configuration you might want.

• Single tier, front roll-away (egg belts to the outside of the nest)

• Single tier, rear roll-away ( egg belts in the centre of the nest)

• Two tier, front roll-away

• Two tier, rear roll-away.








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